Ankur Saggar

Ankur Saggar is an IT Expert with over 10 years of experience in Network technologies and IT forensics, leading electronic discovery and investigative services. He has on various occasions demonstrated a combination of hand-on technical skills and analytic abilities to solve complex problems.

Highlights of Qualifications/Skills:

•           Proficient with standard computer forensic hardware and software.

•           Proficient in computer forensic analysis and data recovery.

•           Good understanding of network protocols, network devices multiple operating systems and secure architecture.

•           Extensive knowledge of personal computers and server hardware.

•           Ability to work independently, exhibiting sound judgment and discretion.

•           Strong organization and follow-up skills.

•           Substantial understanding of information security, network architecture, general database concepts, hardware and software troubleshooting, and electronic mail systems.

•           Proficient in the use of computer forensic tools: EnCase, FTK and AccessData.