Paul Kramer, MBA


Paul Kramer is a CPA and former senior partner in the New York Office of Ernst & Young with extensive experience serving large and small clients.

While at Ernst & Young, Paul held a number of key positions.  He was a member of the Policy Statement Committee, which established firm policy on accounting principles and auditing standards and was the firm’s designated specialist for the broadcasting and publishing industries.  Paul also was the U.S. liaison partner with the Ernst & Young French affiliate.  He is highly knowledgeable about international business practices, understands cultural differences, and has a record of working effectively with people from around the world.

Paul has extensive experience in corporate acquisitions, financings, restructurings and reorganizations both as a consultant and as an outside independent corporate director.  Paul has served on six boards and was the “Audit Committee Financial Expert,” as the Audit Committee Chair of several of them.

Under a Federal Trade Commission Order and appointment, Paul acquired executive operating experience as the managing trustee of Competitive Media Reporting, Inc., a company with 800 employees which was required to be held separate and divested from its parent.  He also has acted as an interim CFO.

As an expert witness, Paul has assisted companies and their counsel to quantify damages, including lost profits and reasonable royalties.  He has also evaluated corporate governance issues and the claims and merits of continuing specific litigation.  He has also arbitrated major complex cases.

Paul has B.S. and M.B.A. degrees from Boston University.

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